Who are you?

Before everything. Please question yourself. Who are you? Can you tell it without saying some names or word “I”?

Our brand is created by Ljubiša & Anamarija Kukulj and they gave an African name “Ukumelana” to it. Resistance. That is the meaning of Ukumelana word. A Beautifull word that is coming from African Zulu language.

Africa. Zulu. Tribes.

That’s some of the first things you will think about now since you see some pictures and some words from us about our name.

Tribe…A word that many younger generations will not know what does it mean. Maybe they will hear for that in some video game but they will never know the true meaning of it.

Some of you still think that tribes exist only in some forests in deep parts of Africa or Amazonia and you will probably be right, but on the other hand…..what are we? Are we also some kind of a tribe. For sure we are but we will never say that because of our pride.

The modern age, forgotten tradition, love & respect is lost…

As the name of this blog says: Who are you? – Who are we? That is two questions that none of us will ever answer correctly just because we are all different with a lot of different opinions. In this blog, we are also going to create a gallery with pictures of many tribes all around the world. Photos are not our property.

You will see many people from different parts of the world and for you maybe they will all look the same. Colors on their skin, running around the fire, killing animals to survive…But none of you will ever say: “Hey, wait! My ancestries did that also. So….yes maybe I am also part of some tribe.”!

You probably did watch the brutal video about DNA Journey. We say brutal because it is so good to see faces of the people who said that they are 100% sure for their DNA. We are all connected somehow.

We don’t want to ruin this post by so much text when there are so many images that can show you everything we wanted to say.

Be different and love that, but respect others and their will to be something that you are not.

Enjoy this beautiful images. This beatiful culture.

New Order