Ukumelana Career

Sales Manager

About ukumelana

Ukumelana is young and perspective streetwear &
accessories brand from Croatia / Zagreb. Our brand is dedicated to creating a perfect brand for young people with positive energy and their own attitude which is not infected by media, society and other things which we encounter every day.

What can you expect from us

Our job is not easy, but we all do it with pleasure. Our main goal is to create a perfect team and we always work on that. For sure you can always expect from us a huge level of positive energy, professionalism, support and sometimes a lot of gifts 🙂

what we expect from you

Our expectations is simple and real. We expect from you to be positive and to have a smile on your face when we have meeting. Professionalism, project engagement and power of will is also something that we expect but we will understand if sometimes you are going to be in a bad mood. We all have that moments.

Short job Info

▸ Type: Freelance
Working time: Monday – Friday
▸ Location: World Wide
▸ Sallary: 300€ – 1400€


▸ Experience: Minimum 1 year
English language: Required
▸ Internet Access: Required

more info

▸ More information about the job will be sent to you after you sign up and fill the form.