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The user visiting the www.streetwearukumelana.com website confirms that he has read it in its entirety
accepts these Terms of Use of the Website www.streetwearukumelana.com (hereinafter: Terms of Use), a
every time using www.streetwearukumelana.com, the User acknowledges that he is currently familiar with
the current version of the Terms of Use and accepts them in their entirety.

By accepting the Terms of Use, the User gives Realni Element j.d.o.o. (hereinafter: Streetwear Ukumelana) is explicit
consent to the information submitted when registering a purchase in accordance with the Law
on the protection of personal data for purposes of registration, ie the fulfillment of rights and obligations
based on these Terms.

This Terms of Use shall be governed by:

  1. The way and purpose of using www.streetwearukumelana.com
    2. The method of direct and indirect collection of user data
    3. Type of data to be collected
    4. How to use and process data
    5. Forwarding User Data
    6. “Cookies”
    7. Retaining User Data
    8. Security procedures
    9. Change Terms
  2. The way and purpose of using www.streetwearukumelana.com
    Documents, data and information published at www.streetwearukumelana.com may not be reproduced,
    distributed or in any way used for commercial purposes without the express consent of the Streetwear Ukumelana
    can only be used for individual user needs with respect to all copyrights and
    proprietary rights and rights of third parties. By using the content www.streetwearukumelana.com, the user accepts everything
    the risks arising from use and accepts to use all the content solely for personal use and
    own responsibility. Streetwear Ukumelana will not be liable for the use of www.streetwearukumelana.com for actions
    use or misuse of the content as well as any damages that may arise
    user or third party regarding the use or misuse of the content www.streetwearukumelana.com.
  3. Method of collecting personal data
    1. Directly from the customer in the case of online purchase or subscription to the newsletter
    2. Indirectly during user surfing www.streetwearukumelana.com.
  4. Type of information to be collected
    When purchasing via the web, the user directly provides the following personal information:
    1. Name and surname
    2. Delivery address
    3. Telephone number
    4. E-mail address
    5. Payment Methods – The Streetwear Ukumelana collects customer payment choices for ordered products. Numbers
    credit cards and other payment information are not stored but are forwarded to
    a secure and verified PayPalpal payment system or Streetwear Ukumelana does not collect and store data on
    credit cards are already only forwarded to a business bank that authorizes online payment.

When signing up for a newsletter via the web, the user directly provides the following personal information:
1. Name and surname
2. E-mail address

Indirect data collection
1. Through cookie – the user is assigned a unique identifier via the cookie method (More
under “Cookies”)
2. Other aggregated user-related information through Google
Analytics, Google AdWords, and Facebook Pixel.

  1. Use of Information Collected By accepting these Terms of Use the user gives his / her privacy to the data collected through
    www.streetwearukumelana.com can be used for one of the following purposes:
  2. Enable the user to access certain web pages and/or functionality on
    2. Processing the order made by the user through www.streetwearukumelana.com
    3. Provide the user with a product that the customer ordered through www.streetwearukumelana.com
    4. Confirm that the user is entitled to a particular product
    5. Organize payment for the ordered product
    6. Creating invoices and other order documents made through www.streetwearukumelana.com
    7. Prevent abuse by checking your identity
    8. Assist the customer when ordering the desired product through www.streetwearukumelana.com
    9. Organize delivery of the ordered product
    10. Inform users about new web pages and/or functionality at www.streetwearukumelana.com
    11. Analyze user usage www.streetwearukumelana.com and work web statistics for internal
    the needs of Realni Element j.d.o.o.
    12. Contact the customer by phone, SMS, e-mail, or other order related to the order
    13. Forward the user data to third parties with whom Realni Element j.d.o.o. cooperates business, a
    for the purpose of satisfying the budget
    14. Analyze customer information including user referral, search,
    browsing www.streetwearukumelana.com and location information on a personal or group basis. These data
    we may forward it to third parties and we may use this information to provide the user
    targeted Streetwear Ukumelana offers, promotions, advertisements or commercial messages.
  3. Forwarding User Data

By accepting these Terms of Use the user gives his or her access to the Streetwear Ukumelana user data
collected through www.streetwearukumelana.com forward:
1. Business partners, employees of Streetwear Ukumelana and employees of Streetwear Ukumelana Customer Services who
are included in the delivery of the Streetwear Ukumelana product order or in providing services on the basis of a user query
2. Other Streetwear Ukumelana AB with companies that are part of the Streetwear Ukumelana Group
3. Competent authorities of public and state administration in case of suspected abuse of the Streetwear Ukumelana website or other matters within their jurisdiction
4. Third parties participating in the promotional activities of the Streetwear Ukumelana
5. For the purpose of fulfilling the legal obligations
6. In response to an appeal that there has been a violation of the General Conditions of Use of the Streetwear Ukumelana service

  1. “Cookies”

When accessing, ie visits to www.streetwearukumelana.com, the server stores certain information in
form “cookie” on the user’s computer/mobile device. “Cookies” are used for
identifying the User during his / her connection and then deleting it. “Cookie” is
the data set generated by the web site server that the internet browser saves
to the User disk in the form of a small text file. “Cookie” cannot be used for
launching programs or sending viruses to the User’s computer. Servers at
visit www.streetwearukumelana.com use the cookie type known as “Temporary Cookie”
(session based cookie), which is set to User’s computer only for the duration
his visit to www.streetwearukumelana.com and enables him to more effectively serve these sites and automatically expire when he closes his browser.
The “cookie” does not store information about your phone number, account or payment details
username or username and this information can not be accessed. Using Streetwear Ukumelana
“cookie” does not collect any information regarding the use of the computer either in any way
browsing other pages on the Internet User. Given that the “cookie” is located
on the user’s computer, the Streetwear Ukumelana cannot find it if the user visits the Streetwear Ukumelana website
some other computer.
“Temporary cookies” are used standard in online applications that the user is after
Identifications must allow authorized access to private servers. This is the solution
conditioned by the technology of network applications and is also used by the Streetwear Ukumelana, which for
Proper functioning of the browser requires the user to set a “temporary cookie”
which is active during the use of www.streetwearukumelana.com.
The user has the option of accepting or rejecting “cookies” via the internet settings
browser. In case the user refuses to accept “cookies” there is a possibility for some
parts or functionality of the www.streetwearukumelana.comsite will not work in the user
computer/mobile device. For this reason, Streetwear Ukumelana advises using “cookies”
when visiting www.streetwearukumelana.com.

  1. Retaining User Data
    Streetwear Ukumelana will keep the collected customer data only in the time it is needed for
    realization of a particular purpose. Subscription to newsletter can be canceled in
    every time by sending an e-mail
    at info@relementlab.com.
  2. Security procedures
    The Streetwear Ukumelana regularly reviews procedures to protect user’s personal data from
    unauthorized access, accidental loss or destruction. The market standard (SSL
    technology) to encrypt sensitive user data (especially in the case of online payments
    credit card). Third Parties to whom personal data are in accordance with these Terms of Use
    are obliged to keep the collected data confidentiality contracts
    concluded with the Streetwear Ukumelana. In any case, the Streetwear Ukumelana in providing services insists on security
    user data and tries to keep the same level of third-party forwarding
    protection of user data.
    Users should be aware that communication is via the Internet, in terms of e-mail and the web
    communications are unsafe except in cases of SSL encryption. The very nature of the internet is yes
    Data can go through Internet connections in many countries before they are delivered.
    The Streetwear Ukumelana cannot accept liability for unauthorized access or loss of information if it occurs deals with cases over which Realni Element j.d.o.o. no direct supervision.
  3. Change Terms
    In cases not resolved or governed by these Terms of Use, it will be appropriate
    how to apply the General Terms and Conditions of the Streetwear Ukumelana, as well as the other Streetwear Ukumelana special conditions and/or
    service specifications that the User uses.
    Streetwear Ukumelana reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use, which the User will be timely
    communicated via the Streetwear Ukumelana website or in another appropriate manner.