Jaws Of Truth


Jaws Of Truth – how we like to call this t-shirt. This is one of the t-shirt that will not be weared by everyone because they are affraid. They feel fear and they are affraid that they will be rejected from society. How many times you have walked at the street and see people walking without any goal. Holding that “smartphone” and not showing any emotions to the world. Beautiful birds in the park or smile from a kid at the street. Technology is good but sometimes our system push us to think that we are not important. They give us fake news and fill up our heads with informations that most of the time is not true. They separate us to religions, regions and so many other things. Sad thing is that today we hear to often that some black kid is not treated so well as a white kid in hospital and our health care is so bad that we always try some doctor to pay more just to be treated well. Is that what you want? I will ask you once again, is that what you want? To give money just to be treated well because your kindness is not enough? Than do it. Go ahead. Help the industry to grow and become one of the many slaves they have – because ladies and gentleman this is life. This is Jaws Of Truth. So tell us one more time. Do you really want to be part of that circle? Resist!

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