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Hey. My name is Bogdan. But the majority knows me as Beat – the Young Hustler.

Why? Because I’m a go-getter. Because I always hussled and worked hard for what I wanted. I showed resistance (Ukumelana) to any obstacle or temptation that came across me during my journey.

I am dancing for approximately 7/8 years. But I do it for real since 2014. Why did I said “for real”? Because in 2014 I finally showed resistance and decided to step up my game in order to do something I love as a living. I’m almost there, but I still have a long way to  achieve my goals.

Let me tell you a little and short story about myself. I was born in 1999 in Romania. Always loved my country, but to be honest… Romania is not the most developed country and you already know that. We still have a lot to learn from the Western block. We still have schools where boys are not allowed to have their hair grown more than 6 cm and people who think global warming is just a myth.

But… let’s move on. My parents are not the richest nor the poorest. All I can say is that my family always had a little bit more than a decent financial status. I just can’t thank them enough. Simply because they showed resistance to the government and they showed real resistance to the society. My mom was the one that sent me to have some breakdance classes (in 2009, in Romania… I mean, come on, not a lot of parents would have done that). She knew I was too shy and an introvert and wanted me to change.So I changed. Maybe even a little bit too much but that is all part of life. The thing is that I learned a lot from them and they were the first to „resist” at the society’s influences. They supported me 100% all the time. Even in the times I had no other crewmates to train with. They still do it 101%.

Since now you know a little bit more about my private life I will tell you something about my carrer after 2014 because that was the year that started to change me. Until then, I wasn’t that motivated to step up my game and I was still doing it just for fun. I also had a lot of difficulties with the crewmates and training session mates. My ex-crew dissapered and I didn’t have a lot of people to train with so of course, there was no more motivation for me. I was still going to events, but nothing more.

2014. I decided 2 months before the Romanian Red Bull BC1 Cypher that I have to qualify no matter what. That was my 1st goal to step up my game and get to the next level. Red Bull BC1 came and I got qualified in top 16 and won biggest breakin’ event in Romania (kidz category – I was only 14) .

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After Red Bull BC1, I won some other kidz battles in Romania. Next year, I won my first 1on1 competition in Romania and started to win kidz events abroad (Serbia, Croatia, Hungary) and travel even more to even bigger events. I can say that UFBB in Zagreb, Croatia was a big opportunity for me.

I’m glad I didn’t miss it. I won King of the Kidz Qualifier that year, full-ticket to Eve Dance Festival (one of the biggest urban dance camp in Germany and Europe), met a lot of people that helped me a lot after that (Patrick Grigo from Movetoohot / Germany and Goofy from Serbia are the best examples) and became one of the toughest kidz in the balkans.

Later that year, I knew that my „kid carrer” in breakin’ will be over as I turn 16 and I decided that I have to win a „European” competition because I’ve already won local, national and Balcanic competitions.

Eve Dance Festival. December 2015.

First event abroad where I was all alone. No parents, no crewmates, no nothing. Weird at first, but cool experience at last. Made a lot of friends from all over the Europe. I was invited on 7 to smoke kidz. Storm, Renegade, Mounir, Alkolil and Boyka as judges. It was a big challenge for me.

For me, the 2 favorites were Majko from Slovakia and Tobi from Austria. They battled first. Tobi won. Then it was my turn. 6 points in a row. Won. I was glad I did my job as I wanted. After that, I also placed 3rd in the open 7 to smoke along guys like Goofy, MG from Israel, Ginger etc. The next 3/4 days of the festival I attented workshops and talkshows with some of the best guys at the scene, had showcases with a huge audiences, spent my New Years Eve in Austria and many other great memories.

2016 was a game changer for me. Won some major competitions abroad, started to judge and teach workshops in Romania and some even outside the country. When I thought it couldn’t get better, 2017 came up with a lot of awesome opportunities, jobs, offers, people etc. It still gets better and better every day. I feel blessed.

Just because I like numbers more than stories, I will show you some of them: 45+ awards in my pocket, 40% of them being outside Romania, 20+ judged events, 15+ workshops teached + around 10 awards for one of my students that is breakin’ just for 2 years,  5+ events presented as a host, and 15+ organised events.

For me, everything in life is like a game and you always have to play to get to the next level. Until now, I can say that I just started level 6 out of 10. I still have a long way to go and I won’t stop until I leave a legacy behind and until I can make a more than decent living by doing what I love 100%.

To be honest, I’ve never been that guy that is liked by everyone. To be honest, I don’t really give a damn. Why? Because I am an Ukumelana Dreamer and I show resistance 100%.

That was my little story. You can find me on:

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Instagram : beat.the.yh
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