Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.
–  Christopher Rice

Dear reader, do you think money can buy you happiness?

Don’t worry. You can be honest because there are so many people with different opinions. Some of them say money can’t buy you happiness, but there are also people who will tell you that without money you can’t be happy. 

Today. We live in the world where money is everything and without it you can’t buy food, medicine, gas or any other things. But that madness is not created recently. It is developing step by step by us. People. 

A long time ago we use to do exchanges because we could not agree about sharing things. Some of the people were good hunters but on the other hand, some of them were good in making other things. Year by year people starts to be greedy. Taking things from each other so they think about and come to an idea to start exchanging things. Goat for clothes. Meat for wood and in the end when gold and silver have discovered they start to trade with that precious metals. Silver & Gold was the starters of a new era in trading / exchanging. 

But, that was a long time ago. People would think that we are developing and moving forward but look around. We are still trading the same way we did long time ago, just with the different currency. Cash, credit cards…now at this moment we are even in the new era of trading with Bitcoins but all of these things don’t matter. 


Because no matter what, we the people will still be greedy. We think money is a good way of organizing things up but hey…why we need to be greedy. Why do we need to rate people by their wallet? Why do we need to have people who will die one day with 85 million on their account? Money cannot buy us happiness. If you have time we dare you to watch the movie named “Consuming Kids”. In that movie, people perfectly describe what is the main way that big companies use for selling their things. A movie is named “Consuming Kids” because big companies discovered how are they going to sell their things faster. They are going to have the whole bunch of commercials targeted to take attention of the kids because grown-up people are hard to convince of something. 

Here is one example. Did you ever went to a supermarket and saw a kid with the parents crying because they don’t want to buy him a candy bar which is next to cash register, but later they decide to buy him because they want him to be happy? That candy is not there for no reason. Whole psychology thing is planned and developed so well. Because they want people to spend money and to buy some products but how to force them to do that on the subtle way? Put the product right under the nose of the kid  

In the end of this Ukumelana Blog, we would like to show you one video and ask you what is happiness for you. What makes you happy and what do you think about money? Is money good or bad for our society? 

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