“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world,” Frank wrote as a child while hiding with her Jewish family from the Nazis during World War II.

– Anne Frank

Dear reader,

We know that you are not here for no reason. Your passion and will for knowing something more have brought you here to our post.

Will, passion…

What do this words mean to you? – Is it something that pushes you through some limits or is it something that creates invisible borders around you? We would like to say that will and passion is something that pushes you further. Above the limits.

One writer from Ex Yugoslavia, “Ivo Andrić” once said: “If adult people would understand the world as the child understand a game, imagine what would happen.” The only problem in this story is that too often our kids are restrained by the influence of society. Starting from the very beginning of their life. First parents, then the kindergarten teacher, friends, school teacher, friends, college, friends, coworkers etc. If you disagree with us please try to remember all the things you know. Walking, going to the toilet, talking, writing, reading, riding a bike or car, anything. Just remember. Not all the influence needs to be bad but there is something that you didn’t think about and it’s much worse than the other things.

We created one t-shirt that perfectly describes top 6 bad influences.

  • System
  • Society
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Money











Definition of the system is something way different than what it really means. Everybody would say that system is carefully developed to help people live better, but too often we hear that this is not the case in many countries. USA, Russia & North Korea are the best example of the system that is not developed so good. There is also a lot of other countries that can be added to this list: India, Serbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Libya, Syria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Bangladesh, Congo, Iraq and many others… Government System & Education System in some countries are totally screwed. If you don’t believe us here is some examples of the countries that we put on the list above:

– USA (Educational Program): The USA imposed their Educational Program to the rest of the world because of the fact that they are the most not educated society in the world. That information about this idea comes up in the latest ’90 when the group of people named “EDUCA” created a quiz with some basic questions about the world, such as: “Name a country that starts with the letter U.”- New Zeland, – “What is the religion of Israel people?” – Israeli and much more…
Because of their complexity to be the best they developed a special Educational Program for rest of the world and they presented it as a good one but many countries saw that their kids are becoming just less intelligent than the generations before.

– Croatia (Government Problem): This problem can be simply “copy-pasted” to the rest of Balkan countries. Government is bad but the people cannot do anything because each time people raise a voice government do something nice for them and shut them down. People forget about the bad things and go on with their lives until the next time they remember that something is bad.

– North Korea (Everyday Problem): Imagine a life without information about the rest of the world. You cannot watch new “Game Of Thrones” episodes, you cannot read news about what a great invention is made in Spain or anything that is across the border.


Tell us, how many things you change on your personality to get liked by other people? – But please, don’t lie. We like to say that this is “Monkey See / Monkey Do” problem of our society, where there is very small amount of people who have a strong personality. Having a strong personality means that you are able to accept who you are and to present that to the rest of your friends no matter what. People are made to think with their own head. Not to follow what other people do.

You all saw that picture of “Doctor House” holding the brain with the quote: “You have a brain, use it!”. Now, what are you waiting for? Stop following others and use your own brain to create something unique.



We will never say that technology is bad.

It gives us so many good things. Electricity, medical equipment, agricultural equipment and much more… But the reason why we put it here on the list is that many parents in this “new era” society is pushing their kids to use technology too often.

With that, we mean watching cartoons on tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and on all the things that are “smart”.

But they forget to give their kids life and experience. They will never fall out of the bike and scratch a knee. They will never again play hide and seek. They will never again run with the kites in the sky.

They will never again steal the fruits from the neighbor’s yard. They will never again do the things they are supposed to do as kids. At the age of 10, they are going to start acting like their favorite cartoon actor or some famous singer that is following nowadays trends.

Leave the technology at least once per month and take your kid to a forest. Explore with them. Show them the nature and the beauty of this magnificent planet Earth.




Since we (humans) exist or at least since we remember there are some bad diseases. Cancer, Cholera, Malaria, Mumps, Smallpox and much more. Most of them developed by us. Humans. But when the time comes to find the cure nobody actually had the idea how to do it. Today… in our time, when most of the people in developed countries have healthcare insurance we think we are safe or we think our doctors are making us sicker. This vaccine made this, that vaccine made that… But the interesting fact is that each time somebody found a cure out of natural resources for some disease that news is muted so quick that you are not even able to find that news anymore just because Medical Industry doesn’t want you to be healthy. Why? Because they are not going to be able to sell you drugs anymore. Simple as that… So, your life and your call… What are you going to choose?


The fashion industry, technology industry, medical industry. All these things are made just for one reason. To take money from you. So now, we will just skip to the last point. Money.


Many people say that you cannot buy happiness with the money. Or that you cannot buy health with the money but here is one thing we can say about that. You can simply buy everything, it is just the question for how much. People are greedy and they always want more, more and more money. Even if they have enough, they will still want more.

But hey! What about the kids in Africa and all those poor countries. That is the biggest bullsh*t you will ever hear. Why? – Because all the money you give to organizations that helps to African kids is not going to them. Maybe, with big maybe…just a small amount does but too often that is not the case. How do we know that? Three of us from Ukumelana Team worked for some world organizations that are sending money to Africa kids and each one of us realized that they are not doing that the way they present it to you in the shopping mall or at the main square. Each time you give that 5.00$, you are very happy and you think that you helped somebody but actually, you just help your country earning more money on you. How? Here is the simple calculation.

– You need to pay people that promote that program. Part of that goes on taxes for workers.
– You need to pay for printing the brochure of your program. Part of that goes on taxes for printing services.
– You need to pay for a designer that made your brochure. If your friend does that you don’t need to pay taxes.
– You need to pay taxes to the government.
– You need to pay a spot for putting your stand in public. Again, money goes to the country.
– And so many other things you need to pay before you even earn something for that kids. So roughly, from 5.00$ what do you think how much does it goes to the hungry and non-educated kid in Africa? – 1.20$…

But hey….not all the things are bad. Roses are red and the sky is blue.

Again you are distracted by nonimportant things. Stay focused and stay out of the “Jaws Of Truth”.

Peace, love, unity.

New Order