As we promised at the very beginning of our Ukumelana Streetwear project we are bringing you one more youth project with one beautiful person named Aleksandar Puača. He has graduated Geographer from Rijeka, Croatia. One of the biggest seaport in Croatia and the place where he said the first torpedo was launched. 

He has many interests and as a young man, he tries to manage all of them at once. He is a drum player, guitar player, traveler, awesome cook and not to forget to mention a one really cool friend. 

Imagine a man that will enter into this:

and start the trip to Mongolia. If you don’t know. Yugo was named as the worst car in car history. Damn…

We could talk day and night about him but we will let him do that in the video that we prepared for you. Honest, without make-up, effects, and all these glorious things. Pure energy, true story. No cuts! Ok…just a little bit of cuts because of a wind or cars 🙂 

Aleksandar will start blogging for Ukumelana and he will tell us his stories about his travel experience through the many countries he visited. We believe this is going to be so fun that even CNN will report about him 🙂 

By the way…you can watch the video about him here:


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